Join Scott McGregor and discover the highlights of the country on this dynamic journey using all manner of trains. Beginning in the modern neon-lit capital of Tokyo and progressing through the heart of Honshu to historical Kyoto, richly endowed with exquisite gardens, extraordinary temples and cultural treasures. Witness the moving and prosperous Hiroshima, a city with a history and legacy like no other, and immerse yourself in the colourful and dynamic cities of the southern island, Kyushu.

Top this off with the legendary food, fine hotels, spectacular scenery and the fact that spring time will be upon us. You are in for a rare feast of what there is to see and do when coasting around Japan in all trains great and small.

At a glance

  • Extensive travel by rail using your first class Rail Pass including numerous journeys on the iconic Bullet Trains
  • Heritage railways of Yamaguchi, Banetsu, the Paleo Express and the Hitoyoshi
  • Journeys on the Sagano Forest Railway, regional expresses, subways and a vintage tram charter in Hiroshima
  • Boat cruise around the Matsushima islands and across Hiroshima Bay to Miyajima
  • Luxury coach connections and separate luggage transport on major legs
  • Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Historic temples, castles and cultural sites in Tokyo, Kyoto, Himeji and Miyajima
  • National Railway Museum in Tokyo, the Shinkansen factory in Sendai and the railway museums of Kyushu and Kyoto
  • Multiple nights in centrally located hand-picked hotels, 5 star hotels