European history is rich with royal intrigues and audacious adventures, conflicts and mysteries, romance and betrayals; and since the expansion of railways in the nineteenth century, the European rail network has been a silent witness to it all. Today rail remains one of the fastest, most convenient and most scenic ways to discover the Old Continent. As you travel from London into the heart of Europe, you will find yourself surrounded by centuries of history, striking contrasts and breathtaking natural beauty. Explore major European cities, each with its unique character; each a place where legends exist side by side with modern-day living. Extravagant palaces, medieval castles, majestic cathedrals and solemn memorials that will not let us forget the atrocities of War—they are all parts of the same story, which we will be piecing together every step of the way.
All along this exciting adventure, enjoy the best of quality hotels, fine food, and a wide variety of tours and side trips.