Both Norway and Sweden can be epitomised by their rich history, hearty gastronomy, stylish and sophisticated cultural life and character-filled cities but, truth be told, the highlight of these countries is their exquisite natural beauty. Virgin forests rest untouched, rugged cliffs and impossibly picturesque fjords dramatically line a coast where rocky islands protrude from the sea, and grand glaciers and ice fields create an unrivalled arctic wonderland. Mankind has always revered the wonders of nature, and the spectacular mystical display of the Aurora Borealis has captured imaginations for eternity. Join Scott for a journey full of chances to experience the Northern Lights, and explore two of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world, at a time of the year when the wonders of a winter landscape are at their most phenomenal.

At a glance

  • 5 nights aboard the luxury Golden Chariot
  • 10 nights in premier five-star hotels
  • Visits to three World Heritage Sites
  • Executive class train travel to Chennai on the legendary Ooty Train
  • All meals, tipping and transfers included
  • Expert local English-speaking guides
  • Palaces, temples, colonial outposts, vibrant cities, museums, galleries and bustling markets