About Railway AdventuresEmanuele Nicolella

The joy of travelling no longer has to be constricted to a destination. Railway Adventures offer a truly exclusive point of view to some of the world’s most spectacular holiday destinations, with the assurance that the journey to reach them in itself is just as magical and unforgettable!

Many thought the automobile and aeroplane would take over from rail in the 20th century and the vintage glamour of the golden age of the rail era would pass but, on the contrary, there’s a veritable rail renaissance going on and YOU are invited on board to make the most of this latest railway revolution.

Experience the dramatic coastline of stunning Scandinavia, the wind polished rocks of the Amalfi Coast and the mystical mountains of Peru as the world rolls by through gentle train travel. A handpicked selection of fast trains, slow trains, private trains, custom charters and luxury sleepers will take you across some of the most magnificent rail routes in existence!

With over 20 years of passion and of expertise, Railway Adventures offer one-of-a-kind holiday packages for the train enthusiast, the art lover, the culture vulture and most importantly, for anyone who dares not only to travel, but to adventure.

Explore our selection of great rail journeys!

Why Travel With Railway Adventures:

• Our Passion – Scott has had a passion for trains since his childhood. He has invested years into finding the most fascinating rail travel experiences around the globe
• Small group size — with a maximum of 25 passengers (except when we private charter the Southern Aurora for Melbourne Cup and Elvis Express) you are guaranteed an intimate experience with less queuing time, more time with your guide and better access to sightseeing spots
• Unique Itineraries — each itinerary has been worked on meticulously by a team who has a number of years experience in each destination. You are guaranteed to experience the best the destination has to offer
• Local Authentic Experiences — whether it be a little known yet impressive steam railway or a small boutique property which will be a tour highlight, know that you will experience something special on our tours
• Expert Local Guides — our partners on the ground have indepth knowledge and are professional and entertaining
• Customer Satisfaction — Thousands have travelled with us in the past and 99% of those say they would travel with us again


A passion for train travel can manifest itself in many ways and founder and director of Railway Adventures, Scott McGregor, has managed to make much of his obsession over the years.

“Travelling to boarding school on the Mudgee Mail gave me a sense of how an active social life and long distance trains can make a good combination.”

Building a rural retreat out of a collection of vintage railway carriages in the early 1980s gave Scott a new perspective on rail heritage and during this time he also operated his first tour, The Antipodean Renaissance Express, an experience he has never forgotten.Trading in vintage memorabilia and furniture sourced largely from the railways was also a source of great inspiration.

Scott travelled far and wide trading and collecting for his Sydney shop, Off The Rails. Being the host of a couple of series of TV documentaries about great train journeys paved the way for tour leading. An enjoyable part-time hobby, “getting paid to do what I love”, has, naturally enough, led to a more substantial commitment to great rail journeys and resulted in the launch last year of this dedicated train travel and touring company.

The collaboration with Bob and Pam Daniel and the team at Guidepost Tours, who manage travel administration for the tours, has been invaluable and 2013 saw the first year’s offering of five tours taken up with gusto. “It was a great start to this enterprise. All my tours went ahead with respectable numbers and even more respectable guests and, thankfully, nothing has gone seriously “off the rails”.