TestimonialsEmanuele Nicolella


“A great tour for rail enthusiasts and non-rail enthusiasts. This tour not only provides knowledge of railroad heritage, but scenic aspects of the towns and countryside”

– Freda and Hans, Robina, Qld – Southern QLD, Apr 2017

“A very thoughtful itinerary with high quality activities and excellent guides. Robert was a fantastic leader, knowledgeable, extremely well organized, conscientious and calm, and very accommodating. All the guides and drivers were dedicated and keen to share their interests, it never seemed like just a job to any of them. A very good experience.”

– Outback QLD traveller

“Roberts patient group management and positive encouragement enabled 17 individuals to meld, have fun and supportively appreciate and learn about Queensland’s outback. Exceptional leadership! Thank you.”

– Outback QLD traveller

“I appreciate our tour guides knowledge and experience and the input of my fellow travellers was enriching”

– Outback QLD traveller

“A wonderful immersion into rail culture. Scott and Mike made the trip!”

– Tony, Clareville Beach, NSW – Southern QLD,Apr 2017

“Go for it, you’d be hard pressed to find a better tour. The Southern Downs Steam Trip was the most excellent 2 days, and from our point of view, everything was perfect.”

– Ivan, Caddens, NSW – Southern QLD,Apr 2017

“Scotts enthusiasm was a key feature in an extremely well organised tour”

– John, Epping, NSW – Southern QLD, Apr 2017

“A first rate tour even for rail non-fanatics. This is the first time we have been on an escorted tour – it is unlikely to be the last”

– Michael & Eileen, Tinbeerwah Qld – Southern QLD,Apr 2017

“It’s great traveling with Scott McGregor, he handles everything wonderfully. He adjusts and enriches the tour as we go along. He provided a rich tour of the sights and history of Burma. I strongly recommend his tours”    

– Sue Vardon SA, Myanmar, Feb 2016

“Excellent, well organised, action packed tour with a fun host, greatly exceeded expectations”    

– Judith Holbrook SAm Venice to Istanbul, Sep 2015

“At least 5 star all the way. It can’t get better than this! Sri Lanka delivers and is full of surprises”

– Carol and Jim, Sri Lanka, Nov 2014

“The group was fantastic, we had numerous good laughs. Everything went well, smoothly, travelling the trains is an unforgettable experience. I have seen magnificent scenery of Far North Queensland, wild animals and beautiful birds. For me it was just great and I would recommend this trip to anyone who is particularly interested in train travel”

– Martine Carter, Queensland Outback, May 2015

If you are looking for a fun filled holiday enjoying all the history of Tasmania, tasting fine local wines and eating good food and relaxing on unique train rides, this is the tour for you” 

– Harold and Lorraine Schiller, Qld / Tasmania, 2015

“Wow! This has been the best tour we have ever been on due to the variety of content and the modes of travel. It ticks all the boxes and has an outstanding tour leader in Robert.”

– Jeff Margate, Qld, Aug 2016

“Every day, I thought it couldn’t get better, yet it just keeps getting better”

– Wayne Mudford, Switzerland, Oct 2016

“I really liked the flexibility to go off and do our own thing”

– Jack and Pat Smith, Switzerland,Oct 2016

“This was an amazing railway adventure. We can recommend this experience for anyone with a love of history, the pioneering railways and our natural environment.”

– Reg and Colleen, Picton

“Great experience, cant wait for another adventure with Robert”

-Faye and Bob, Hornsby Heights

“It will take some time to process the very many adventures and amazing experiences we had”

– Susan, Berry

“Robert turned a good tour into an excellent one. Highly recommend for rail fans as well as outback adventurers.”

– Margaret and Peter, Cherry Brook

“Tour excellent, guide excellent, company excellent.”

– Peter and Dawn

“A great holiday that’s all Australians should experience to understand the vastness of the country and its people.”

– Jenny Quigley and Doug Thomas

“A first rate tour even for rail non-fanatics. This is the first time we have been on an escorted tour- its unlikely to be the last. Thoroughly professional tour in all respects.”

– Michael and Eileen Sackett

““This was our first ‘organised’ tour and the overriding memory is all the wonderful volunteers. Everyone without exception was friendly and helpful. All aboard- toot toot!.”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“A well organised tour, lots of fun.”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“A lovely, comfortable tour with an excellent combination of flowers, historical trains, education, great food and accommodation and great company!”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“To have a great time and to meet interesting people join a Scott McGregor’s Railway Adventure”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“Fantastic trip overall. Scott excels again”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“Scott’s contacts gave us the privileged access to so many unusual aspects of rural life which we would never have been able to find by ourselves”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“My Description of Scott- well educated, NIDA-trained larrikin! Wonderful tour, I would do it all again”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers

“It’s not just about the trains, and though compelled to go for the trains, the ‘extra curricular’ activities were thoroughly enjoyable too”

– Carnival of Flowers travellers