Many visitors to Cuba see just Havana and then simply lie on a tropical beach, but we aim to deliver the real Cuba to you, visiting authentic provincial towns, travelling through countryside where the passage of time seems to have been suspended. Much of our journey will be in our own private train, and the tour will appeal to both the dedicated railway enthusiast and to those who are intrigued by the idea of the many unusual outlying places we plan to visit.

On rail we will travel with diesel haulage, and steam haulage, and by antique electric traction, but we will be accompanied throughout by a comfortable air-conditioned road coach which takes our luggage from hotel to hotel and ferries us to and from the nearest station. On many days, a ‘cultural option’ is offered, often in parallel with a rail activity, ensuring there is something for every passenger.

At a glance

  • Visits to the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Old Havana and Trinidad
  • Most meals included
  • Private train charters throughout
  • Cigar factory and Rum Museum tour in Havana
  • Stunning scenery