Switzerland’s vertical landscape has long attracted romantics and travellers. The railway revolution of the nineteenth century saw little trains dramatically ascend the highest peaks by ingenious and inventive methods of engineering, making some of Europe’s most spectacular scenery accessible to all. At the time it was the talk of the town and it still is!

Train travel is central to Swiss life, reaching into every corner of the land and beyond. It is also one of the most efficient, and easily the most patronised rail network per head of population in the world. There can be no better way to get a window on this spectacular country. Using the extraordinary network of Swiss Rail and comfortable hotels located close to stations and town centres, this finely tuned adventure, led by your experienced Switzerland expert Chris Harding, will take you through the heart of the Alps to explore a wonderful mix of the country’s key historical, cultural and scenic destinations.

At a glance

  • Visit the magnificent Chateau de Chillon rich with a thousand years of history

  • Visit Gruyères Castle and the picture-book village below

  • Ride the longest rack railway in Europe to its highest station, the Jungfraujoch

  • Ride the famous Gornergrat rack railway and visit Switzerlands most iconic mountain, the Matterhorn

  • Enjoy a 3-course lunch through picturesque scenery on the world’s slowest express train, the Glacier Express

  • Climb over the multiple Albula spiral tunnels and viaducts to the highest crossing of the Alps aboard the Bernina Express

  • Enjoy a guided walking tour through Chur, Switzerlands’ oldest town

  • Explore the National Railway Museum located in Lucerne